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Why are Invokana lawsuits being filed?


Invokana (canagliflozin) has been a popular medication to treat type 2 diabetes mellitus in adults. Although this oral medication is used has been widely prescribed, it comes with some serious health hazards. Invokana lawsuits have been filed against Janssen Pharmaceuticals stating that the drug includes a risk of kidney and cardiovascular problems.

Here are some of the most common side effects of the drug:-

Amputation: With Invokana, there is increased risk for lower leg, foot or toe amputations specially if you have a history of high risk for heart disease. Good foot care is in general essential for people with diabetes. Any symptoms of leg pain, cold skin, poor circulation or toe nail growth, let your doctor know.

Diabetic ketoacidosis: With increased amount of ketones in the blood, the body suffers from a condition known as ketoacidosis. The FDA faced plenty of reports regarding diabetic ketoacidosis; so much so that it had to change the warning label.

Kidney failure: Kidneys help to filter waste products from the body. So once they stop functioning properly, it can cause electrolyte balance, blood pressure, and red blood cell production.

Patients who have faced any of the above symptoms can get in touch with an Invokana lawyer who can help the victim fight for:

  • all medical expenses caused from the side effects
  • pain and suffering (both physical and mental) caused by amputation and kidney damage
  • wage loss
  • loss of earning capacity
  • degraded quality of regular life
  • punitive damages, if applicable

The main issue of any Invokana lawsuit is that the manufacturing company failed to warn both the patients and the doctors about its potential side effects. The other points are:

  • Invokana is an unreasonably dangerous drug and is defective by nature
  • Johnson & Johnson showed negligence in manufacturing of the drug
  • No proper clinical test of the medication was done
  • They failed to warn of the increased health issues associated with the injuries
  • Johnson & Johnson concealed evidence of the side effects and dangers of the drug
  • They Misrepresented the safety and effectiveness of the drug


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